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John Kellar Photography specializes in capturing your memories of a lifetime in creative, inspirational, and fun way. With 25+ years full time experience in wedding photography, he offers near unparalleled experience with a fresh out look on each and every wedding. All photographers do not create equal. Check out the quality of photography and then check out the variety of packages. You can afford excellent wedding photography.




“John Kellar has fantastic packages at extremely reasonable costs! We made the best decision hiring him for our wedding!”                   

Maria and Francisco Merced 10-25-2014         Belle Voir Manor Bensalem, Pa

Maria and Francisco Marriage


McDermott Wedding PhotographyAshley McDermott and Joe April   June 27, 2015    Philadelphia Cricket Club

John was great. Everyone including our guest at that wedding talk about how great he was and how awesome the pictures turned out. We are extremely happy with everything john has done for us!    Tara Reed 09-02-2012


Awesome personality! Great photographer couldn’t be happier!
Megan Skrzat 05-10-2014

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Wedding Gallery Pre-Ceremony

Wedding Ring Photograph Car Ring Bearer Oriental Inspired Wedding Photography Beautiful Bride in Park Wedding Day Photography two flower girls the bride and father bride with weeping willow bride on top of a jeep groomsmen child on wedding day bride, bridesmaids and a gun bridal party with umbrellas

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The First Look

groom and bride holding hands bride and brother

bride crying with groom bride and groom hugging bride and groom laughing bride and groom forever

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Wedding Vows

wedding day raining walking down the aisle minister with ring on wedding day bride and groom talking in church C_0006 jewish wedding wedding aisle with roses groom touching bride sailor wedding wedding vows ending ceremony holding hands walking down the aisle

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Wedding Portraits 

wedding portraits outside wedding portrait bride and groom wedding portrait with house sepia wedding portrait sun glass portrait with wedding reflection wedding photography in the courtyard couple at bath house wedding photography wedding photography in courtyard wedding photography superman wedding photography with boat prop double bride and groom wedding photography silhouette of married couple wedding photography in an office wedding kisses in front of red door wedding day cheers goofy wedding day photography goofy wedding day kiss photography sepia wedding kiss photography man and wife in front of cityscape man and wife dancing with chandelier man and wife silhouettes with umbrella

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A few thoughts on hiring a wedding photographer…
“I’ve heard this several times lately ‘thanks for the information but we’re going to have a friend take our wedding pictures, he/she has a new Nikon, they did my cousins wedding and the pictures looked really good, etc…’ There is some validity to this statement (saving money, a professional photographer your family had in the past maybe was a real jerk…)..on the point of the new Nikon, I’ve played golf with some really good golf clubs and a lot of balls still went in the water and in the sand…
First off, my teenage kids think I’m an idiot, not a jerk. Secondly, how important is your wedding photography to you and to your future generations? And then on the wedding day, how’s your photographer going to handle the limo getting a flat tire and everything is an hour late,  the tropical storm that arrived the morning of your wedding…
We do free, no pressure, no obligation wedding consultations…see the difference… and the prices are more reasonable than you may think.

The Wedding Party

small wedding party photography goofy large group wedding photography E_0003 large group wedding photography in front of trolley small group wedding photography family wedding photography family in pink dresses large group wedding portrait by stairs sepia large group wedding photography large group wedding photography in front of colonial home medium group wedding photography laughing large group wedding photo with purple colors groomsmen with funny socks bridesmaids with blue dresses

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Wedding Party Candid Shots 

wedding party guest with tambourine wedding party couple wedding party emotions wedding party surprises wedding party laughs entire wedding party shot wedding party mom and son mom with groom at wedding party Mr. and Mrs. Signs at wedding party grandmother and groom at wedding party wedding photography disaster large sunglasses wedding black and white photography dancing sparkly hat wedding photography engagement composite wedding photography girls dancing on the dance floor wedding party on the dance floor funny wedding party photo man with tie friends hugging at wedding dancing at a wedding mom and groom hugging on dance floor sparklers at wedding man and wife kissing through church doors outdoor pool and wedding groom and wife walking in garden groom and bride at table

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Recently Added Wedding Photography 

bride walking up the stairs man and wife kissing in chapel

bride sitting on couch man and wife kissing next to window   Anthony Wayne House

man kissing bride back bend

Christopher Dockpeoples light theatre

Peoples Light and Theater

Cape May New Jersey

Cape May New Jersey

Indian valley country club wedding

Indian Valley Country Clubportrait of two flower girls man and wife on ski lift

Bear CreekBear Creek Photography wedding chapel with stain glass edited wedding photography with effects beautiful scenery with husband and wife contact us for more information

Temple University

Barn on The Bridge