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Engagement Photography

An engagement photography session is an amazing way for you to define yourself as a couple. It can be formal or very casual and allows the couple to express their love through the power of photography. At John Kellar Photography, we offer multiple different photography options that are premium and show the love you have for your fiancee.

Customer Photography Packages include location shooting in the city, country, at the beach and studio locations.

We specialize in capturing unique moments for you in your partner by shooting in different locations that are relevant to you and your relationship. We offer engagement photography in different beautiful styles from black and white portraits, sepia styles and more.


If you would like to schedule a session, please contact me. Engagement photography is one my favorite things to shoot, and I am pleased you’re looking forward to getting some of the best engagement photography services in Collegeville, PA. I like to schedule my appointments ahead of time and usually have filled bookings.


black and white engagement photography

in the city

sunflower photography

in the country

engagement photography baseball field

engagement photography at the beach

at the beach

engagement photograph at the beach

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sunny engagement photograph


let’s just have fun

sepia engagement photographengagement couples photography in cart

several wedding packages include engagement portrait sessions

black and white engagement photo seasonal

“have cameras will travel”

Engagement Portraits Washington DCengagement photo washington DC

engagement photograph goofy

engagement portraits with personality

man and women with picture frame

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man and woman in love in the city

black and white photography for couples

photography for couples silhouette

photograph of couples with bikes

Engagement Portraits with Personality
winter photo man and wife

engagement photography forest

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silly engagement photography

sepia man and wife engagement photography

funny engagement photography

FBBS 0012

wedding photography in a barn