John Kellar

At 17, I thought I was the 2nd second coming of Jimi Hendrix. What I had was the personality and attributes to be the lead guitarist in a rock band and the ability to learn and memorize the music and play with conviction. What I lacked was the God given gift of music. As a short biography, I took a few college courses and went to work in a warehouse after high school. In a kind of wayward state, I answered a classified ad for a photography assistant for Lawrence-James Studios. Near immediately and in all due modesty what I lacked in music I didn’t lack in photography / art. Composition, lighting, expression, technical knowledge of f stops and shutter speeds, and general love for what one is doing all made sense to me in a near single instant. This is with me to this day.  In the good book it says “freely you have been given so freely give”. In our world in which we all need to toil and earn a living (with bills and expenses to pay) I take this passage to heart by charging a modest amount in an appreciation for a gift given. A simple mantra and philosophy on wedding photography; your wedding is my wedding (believe it or not). I hope the photography and reviews speak for themselves.

John Moss

Photography is not really a course elective, but something you have more of a calling to and a passion for. After many years in the corporate world, I teamed up with John Kellar about 6 years ago. We became almost immediately known as the creative and fun photographers. With all the beauty, love, and promises made at every wedding, I also see the important ingredients of laughter and fun and capture all of these moments for both you and for me. The couple that laughs joyfully together will endure. I believe that not only the creative and candid gift is present in my work but also a sound technical presence from my experience in the corporate world is brought to the studio in both photography and video. Long gone are the days of film and now post production work in photography is more important than ever. This increased technical knowledge adds to much faster turnaround times (2-3 days best of social media post / 7-10 days image completion; please compare with other studios. I would be honored to be your wedding photographer